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Rukia and Renji Style

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Well I am known as Harmony. I am a huge football fan. I love Manchester United they are my club <3. I also really like Japanese culture, music, and anime! I speak Japanese, Polish and French.
My favorite animes are Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball Kai, Bleach, Sailor Moon and Zoids.
Some of my favorite musicians are Jay Chou, L'arc En Ciel, Tokio Hotel, Dir En Gray, Gazette, KAT-TUN, Coldplay, Glay, Home Made Kazoku, and Hikaru Utada. I really like J-rock and J-pop.
Some of my favorite TV series are True Blood, The Tudors, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and House.

I really like writing Fan art and try to write Fan fiction sometimes.

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